Each student and staff member is allocated a house when they enter in the school. Houses are:  Rata, Ngaio, Kowhai, Konini. Competition points are award for participation at swimming sports, athletic sports, cross country, and house choirs.

House Groups

School Houses were first introduced in 1947 to make internal school competitions fairer and more motivating than that inter-form system.Since then the school has been divided into four Houses, giving staff a chance to forge better understandings with girls outside the classroom. Sisters go into the same houses as do daughters, grand and great-grand-daughters!Teachers who are Old Girls of course return to the House of their School Days. Once a Ngaio girl always a Ngaio girl! Senior House students encourage Juniors to participate in House events and watch out for them during the year, developing leadership qualities in the Senior and building confidence and a sense of belonging for the Juniors.

Throughout the school year, the four Houses compete for the prestigious Inter-house Shield that is awarded at an assembly before the Seniors leave school.

Within days of arriving at the start of the school year, new girls are allocated to their houses and each House meets to democratically elect its House Officials for the year - House Captain and Vice-captain, Sports Captain and the Secretary/Treasurer. As always, each girl displays her House on her uniform. Once again this has evolved from stripes across the gym-frock through badges to ribbons on lapels or buttons or hair-ties. Today the academic pressure of a system of continuous assessment has led to a lessening of preparation time for House activities, but even so the pride, loyalty, competitiveness and sheer fun of the House spirit is still totally alive as well.

House Groups

Aitken and Waters Cup Day

An inter-house sports competition was introduced in 1947, replacing the former inter-form competition. Both the Aitken Cup and the Waters Cup were competed for that year.

On the Aitken Cup day in 1949, Miss A M Aitken presented her cup to the winning house (Konini).

In recent years the Aitken and Waters Cup day has been expanded to include a wide range of sporting and cultural activities to enable all pupils to participate and earn points for their house.

The Aitken Cup: Presented by Miss Aitken, a former teacher at TGHS, for the inter-form competition in basketball (today called netball) in 1922. Miss B M Watt was principal. The Aitken Cup day was an annual event by 1934 (for basketball only).

The Waters Cup: Presented by Mr I Waters for inter-form hockey in 1946. Miss V F Townsend was principal.



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