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TGHS Welcome Welcome to Timaru Girls’, a school with a proud and respected tradition, but also one that is moving fast for the women of the future. We have a lot to offer any girl - one of our strongest attributes is that our school reflects real life - we have girls from a wide variety of backgrounds bringing and sharing a very wide pool of interests and skills with each other.

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Timaru, Canterbury 7910
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Timaru Girls' High School We are a school of approximately 450 girls. The school has a boarding house right on the school site. Tradition is strong at our school and our school motto is "knowledge is power".

The girls are friendly, care about each other and welcome new girls to the school. Have a look at our vision and you’ll see what is important to us.

Extra Curricular You name it, we’ve probably got it – sports, culture and service opportunities. Coaches from the community and teachers generally coach most activities. There are plenty of opportunities here and also leadership opportunities.
The Hostel In the hostel you will get your own room. Of course there are rules so everyone is safe. The hostel is right on the school site so it is easy to walk to school (!) and there are services to help you get to sports practices, the bus station when you go home etc. You have to do homework in ‘prep’ each night.
Our Vision Girls' High girls will be happy, motivated and well prepared for the future.

We value personal excellence for every girl, individual achievement, and creativity. We believe it is best achieved within a single sex environment where learning styles specific to girls are understood and best catered for.

TGHS Board of Trustees Governance Manual

A draft version of the Board of Trustees Governance Manual has been uploaded to our website so that the Timaru Girls' High School wider community can view it and give feedback to our Board of Trustees. The document can be found at this link. Our BOT Chairperson is Mrs Michelle Martin who can be contacted by email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Wheels Day 2013

The second annual TGHS Wheels Day proved to be very popular with the wider school community and members of the public alike. The line up of vehicles on display was phenomenal and it was easy to see the passion that the car restorers and collectors bring to their hobby with so many early model vehicles turned out in all their pristine glory. We had everything from very early Model Ts to the latest Chevrolet sports sedan. We even had a Delorean of the type featured in the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy!

SAM 0645   


2013 Aitken & Waters Cup Day

It is that time again when all our students dress up in their house colours and noisily support their House Teams as they do battle for the Aitkens & Waters Cup. Pictured below are our hostel girls getting into the festive spirit too. 

 2013 aitken and waters 1a




TGHS Speed-Skaters all Internationals

There are four girls this year in our school that do Inline Speed Skating. They are Dahna (Y11), Analiese (Y10), Cassidy(Y10) and Boudine (Y9).

Dahna and Analiese have been skating for almost 6 years. Boudine has been skating for 5 years and Cassidy started skating about 2 years ago. There are many more skaters from around South Canterbury plus skating exchange students from all over the world. The club (South Canterbury Roller Skating Club) has roughly 40 competitive skaters. Ever since the girls started skating, they have returned home from competitions with hauls of medals. Some more than others, but everyone has had their fair share of being on the podium.

Over the years the skaters have been invited to many awesome trips all over the world for skating competitions. There have been trips to China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea that many of the senior skaters have attended. All four skaters have participated in Oceania championships.

This year Analiese got chosen to represent New Zealand at the World Championships in Belgium in August. However, she decided not to go this year but to train hard for next year’s World Champs. The skaters have experienced and attended many racing meets around New Zealand, throughout Australasia and Asia.

 boudine and analiese

China trip

In early August, Boudine (left) and Analiese (right) went on a trip to Suzhou, China. They went with a group of 10 other skaters to participate in the World Inline Cup Marathon. There were around 60 starters in the open womans race, but only about 40 finishers. Boudine was one of the finishers, but Analiese had to pull off.  The weather was extremely different to what is has been over here. The top temperature while we were over there was 45 degrees celcius. The heat just drained all the energy out of you and all you could do was try and find a place with air conditioning. It was like trying to breath and race in a sauna.

The racing was definitely different to what it is in New Zealand but it was a great experience for both of the girls.


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Timaru Girls' High School Chorale won the Isabel Chetwin Cup for the most improved Choir at the Big Sing held in Dunedin on Wednesday 18 June 2014. Along with this award our Teacher in Charge of Music, Suzanne White, was awarded a $500 conductors award to attend a chorale conference.  We are extremely proud of our Chorale.


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