Uniform is an important part of school tradition. Wearing correct uniform in a neat and tidy fashion is a way for students to show self-pride and discipline, as well as pride in the school and respect for its traditions.

Formal Winter Uniform girls_library_study

  • Napier tartan kilt
  • White cotton shirt, button to neck with pointed collar
  • Regulation blue tie
  • Regulation blue V-neck jersey
  • Wool vest (optional)
  • Navy blue tights (full or knee-high)
  • Brown leather shoes with low heel
  • Regulation blazer
  • Regulation blue and white striped, or plain navy scarf
  • Plain navy jacket or coat for wet weather

Summer Uniform

  • Regulation blue and white checked skirt
  • Regulation white blouse (embroidered crest on sleeve)
  • Brown low-heeled sandals with a heel strap and ¾ filled in front OR brown leather shoes with white ankle socks
  • Blazer Jersey (optional) Vest (optional)

Sports and Physical Education Uniform

  • Plain white polo shirt
  • Plain blue shorts
  • Regulation blue and white tracksuit purchased through school (optional) sports shoes with non-marking soles